ProBikeGarage iOS private BETA

We've made available the first usable, and pretty much complete, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) version of the ProBikeGarage bicycle maintenance tracker app. For now, this version is only accessible via a private beta, that will allow us to give the best support to our users and also improve the app quickly.

Beta app features

  • Synchronization of bikes and rides from Strava.

  • Create components, add them to bikes and remove them again to calculate total usage.

  • Define maintenance intervals to receive alerts and know the status of your bike.

  • Synchronization with all your devices (Android and iOS).

  • Email support.


Bike components app capture Component status app capture Edit component options app capture Add component to bike form app capture Login app capture

Current limitations

  • Only works with Strava and requires to have bikes already defined in Strava's Gear section.

  • There is NOT synchronization of components from Strava (not possible in the Android version neither due to a limitation in the Strava API).

  • No help section for iOS devices yet.

  • The user interface and some actions can still be a little bit buggy and rude, but we're open to your suggestions!

  • Only English version.

New versions

We’ll be releasing beta updates periodically, fixing some of the limitations explained above, fixing bugs and making the improvements that you could suggest to us.

All your feedback is appreciated so don't hesitate to reach us at


By downloading and using the app, you should accept the ProBikeGarage privacy policy. Also, you will need to install Apple's TestFlight app in your device and accept their privacy policies.

How to join?

Follow ProBikeGarage on Instagram or Twitter and send us a DM asking to join the beta. We'll send you all the info and a link to download the app in your device.