Add components with one click

Adding your components is one of the most boring and error-prone tasks in setting up your bikes, however being able to know how long do they last and receive maintenance alerts pay off the effort.

The components catalog

Today we introduce you to the components catalog: a new way to register components from a list of available parts, including a curated list of top brand products with predefined service intervals.

Now, when you’re going to add a component to your bike, you’ll see a list with all the available parts, giving you multiple options to install them. You can also define your custom components as before, and clone them as you need it, easing the replacement of recurrent parts like chains or cassettes.

Keep track of wear and maintenance

We built a catalog of well-known models (from brands like Shimano, Sram, Fox, and more) of the most common component types, and the best part is that we included default wear alerts and maintenance intervals. Are you missing some groupset or brand? Let us know! We are constantly updating our catalog.

We hope this update makes your components’ management a little bit easier. We’ll keep improving the process of managing components, so all your feedback is welcome.

Already available for download

You can see all the changes for this version (like emoji support 😊) and download it in all your devices: