Bicycle maintenance tracker app

๐Ÿ”” Receive maintenance notifications. ๐Ÿ“ˆ Increase how long your components last.

"Very very good. Easy to keep track of everything. On trainer or outside, it keeps track of everything automatically."

— Amphibulus on the App Store.

"Can save you lots of money and unnecessarily worn drivetrain parts. I cut my chain wear in half since I started using it."

— Craig on Google Play.

Component status app preview

Notifications on maintenance intervals

Don't worry about anything else than pedaling and we'll let you know when your components require some maintenance or replacement, increasing how long your bike and components last and work in optimal conditions.

  • Service intervals based on distance, moving time, elapsed time and number of rides.

  • Real-time updates after your ride, so your bike is always ready for the next time.

Component maintenance notification app preview

Connect with your existing Strava account to sync your bikes and rides.

One bike, multiple setups

Install components only for some types of rides, as you do in real life, to keep your bike updated automatically. Different rear tire and cassette for indoor/outdoor, lighter wheels for a race and front light for commute.

Bike detail app preview
Component lifecycle app preview

Track components lifecycle

Register your component, add it to one or more bikes and it will be seamsly associated to your activities. Distance and moving time will be updated based on total rides.

  • Register all component history: swaps, services, custom notes, rides, ...

  • New and old components.

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