Strava auto-sync

After setting up the Strava integration, ProBikeGarge will start receiving your new rides in real-time. This allows you to keep your components stats up-to-date and receive maintenance alerts when required. Although real-time updates work in most cases, there may be some limitations for more complex setups.

When do I receive auto-updates?

Since some of your changes can be missed, ProBikeGarage also performs a full Strava sync at least once a week. This ensures all rides data will keep updated over time.

Manual Strava sync

You can always check the status of your last activity update, or full Strava sync, from the ProBikeGarage’s home screen. This gives you an overview of the sync status and allows you to perform a full synchronization if needed.

Strava sync status in ProBikeGarage app
Strava sync status in ProBikeGarage app


Have any questions or suggestions? Join our Strava club forum and share your feedback. You can also contact our support team by email.