Getting started

ProBikeGarage allows cyclists to receive maintenance notifications and keep track of their bike components usage using Strava activities. It also enables users to define different bike setups (indoor, race, commute), register component swaps and replacements, log completed services and more.

Sync Strava rides

To synchronize your rides with ProBikeGarage you also need to define your bikes on Strava and assign them to the right activities. If you were already using Strava to track your bikes and parts usage, then your account will be probably ready, and you won’t need to follow this guide (but take a look at the Strava auto-sync guide).

Register components

You can register your bike components with ProBikeGarage to keep track of their usage and receive maintenance alerts. Also, you will be able to log your component swaps, replacements, and performed services.

Receive maintenance alerts

Receive maintenance notifications for your bike components at different intervals, log completed services and analyze resulting stats. You can register various service intervals per component, scheduled by different metrics and options.

Strava auto-sync

After setting up the Strava integration, ProBikeGarge will start receiving your new rides in real-time. This allows you to keep your components stats up-to-date and receive maintenance alerts when required. Although real-time updates work in most cases, there may be some limitations for more complex setups.

Different components for ride type

If you usually ride the same bike for multiple purposes, you will probably be using different components depending on the occasion. During workouts, you might be using your old, heavy wheelset, but you’ll install your extremely light and reactive carbon wheels to make the most out of your watts on race day.

Grouping components

There are components with a lifecycle closely related to other parts. For example, you install tires on specific wheels. The same happens with cassettes installed on rear wheels, inner tubes, brake rotors, and so on. ProBikeGarage allows grouping components so you can swap entire groups from your bike when you need it, as you’d do in your real bike.

Retire bikes

New bike day is always good news. You have your brand-new, shiny bike ready for your first ride. It feels amazing, super light and smooth, zero noises, you can feel the speed. You even took some KOMs at Strava with your new bike. The second step is configuring your new gear on ProBikeGarage to help you keep it running like the first day. But what about your old bike? You won’t use it any longer, but you want to keep its history and even share some parts with other bikes.