Getting started

ProBikeGarage allows cyclists to keep track of their components usage, bikes setups and components swaps, analyze components lifecycle stats, receive maintenance notifications for scheduled services and more.

Receive maintenance alerts

In order to receive maintenance alerts for your bike components you need to define a service interval. You can register multiple service intervals per component, periodic or not, and scheduled by different metrics. Also you can register all the services you perform in the maintenance log.

Register components

Components can be registered in ProBikeGarage so you can keep track of its usage and lifecycle, register all bike changes and components swaps, and of course, define multiple service intervals to receive maintenance notifications.

Sync Strava rides

Currently assigning a bike to Strava rides is only supported from Strava itself. You first have to define a bike in Strava and then use it in your rides. Strava supports making a bike the default bike, so after you define it, your new rides will be automatically assigned to that bike.