Different components for ride type

If you usually ride the same bike for multiple purposes, you will probably be using different components depending on the occasion. During workouts, you might be using your old, heavy wheelset, but you’ll install your extremely light and reactive carbon wheels to make the most out of your watts on race day.

The same happens when you use a bicycle trainer, or if you ride your bike for commuting during the week and also go out for some cycling at the weekend. You might be running different setups for your bike and probably want to track the exact mileage of your parts.

ProBikeGarage allows you to include your components only for specific rides, filtered by type, so you don’t have to manually register every component swap.

Supported ride types

Activities will be tagged with multiple types always that they are not mutually exclusive, for example, outdoor and ride. Components can also be included in multiple activity types and will be assigned to all activities matching any of those types (and not all of the types).


Configure a different cassette for a direct-mount trainer

You should have your trainer activities already registered in Strava as virtual rides, or at least tagged as “Indoor Cycling”. Also, check that ProBikeGarage shows these activities as indoor and your normal rides as outdoor.

Once your activities are correctly synchronized, add a new cassette to your bike (or edit an existing one). When asked for installation details, specify that it will be only used for indoor rides. Do the opposite for the cassette used outdoors.

Install a cassette for indoor rides only in ProBikeGarage Select included ride types in ProBikeGarage
Install a cassette for indoor rides only in ProBikeGarage Install a cassette for outdoor rides only in ProBikeGarage

Now your two cassettes will show the correct mileage.

Installed cassettes for indoor and outdoor in ProBikeGarage
Installed cassettes for indoor and outdoor in ProBikeGarage

Edit a component to make it available only for outdoor rides


Do you have any problem configuring your components? Share your questions with our community, or send an email to our support team.