Receive maintenance alerts

Receive maintenance notifications for your bike components at different intervals, log completed services and analyze resulting stats. You can register various service intervals per component, scheduled by different metrics and options.

ProBikeGarage provides default service intervals for some components included in the catalog. You can also edit them or define new ones. These are all the supported types:

  • Distance: You will receive an alert when your component reaches a given distance. For example, when a chain reaches 2,000 miles.

  • Moving time: You'll receive a notification when you have used your component for the specified number of hours. Good examples are MTB fork and shock services every 100 hours.

  • Elapsed time: This interval counts the time passed since the component was installed on a bike for the first time, or since the last logged service. Useful for tubeless sealant replacement every six months, for example.

  • Rides: It counts the number of rides of a component, and notifies you when it reaches the specified value. For example, cleaning your bike every five activities.

Define service intervals

Before creating a new service interval, you need the associated component already defined (learn how to register bike parts). You have to choose an interval title, type (see the list above), and value. You can also specify whether the interval should be periodic, or a one-time alert, by checking the “repeat” option.

Go to your component detail page, click on the "edit" button at the top of the screen and select the "Add service interval" option. Fill all the required details and press the "save" button.

Component detail page app preview Create new service interval app preview

Go to your component detail page, select the "status" tab, and click on the add ("+") button at the bottom of the screen. Fill all the required fields and press the save ("✓") button at the top.

Component detail page app preview Create new service interval app preview

Now you will receive maintenance notifications when the defined interval reaches the last 10% and 0%. You’ll also see a warning icon (⚠) next to the associated component of your parts list.

(Optional) Log component services

If you defined a periodic maintenance interval, then you can also register the services you have performed.

Click on your service interval to go to its detail page, tap on the "edit" button at the top and then select the "Add service" option. Supply all the required information and then click the "save" button.

Service interval options app preview
Create new service app preview Service interval detail app preview

Press the "add service" button on a specific interval, supply the required information and click on the save button.

Service interval list detail app preview Create new service app preview

Once you register your service, you can see the stats associated with it.


Do you have any questions regarding maintenance notifications? Contact our support team.