Register components

You can register your bike components with ProBikeGarage to keep track of their usage and receive maintenance alerts. Also, you will be able to log your component swaps, replacements, and performed services.

Warning: ProBikeGarage cannot sync components defined in the Strava’s gear section due to limitations on the Strava API. Learn more about how to synchronize your Strava account

Define your bike components

The first time you access ProBikeGarage, we’ll sync your bikes and rides from Strava, so you should see them with its actual usage in the main window. If you don’t have any bike defined yet, you should first follow our Strava integration guide.

Your bikes list on ProBikeGarage Your bike detail on ProBikeGarage

Now you can add your first component. Tap on your bike to open the detail view and then press the add (“+”) button at the bottom of the screen. You will see a catalog of common bike parts, use the search to find your component and tap on it to install. If you don’t find a specific item, you can tap the add button and define a new one.

Your bikes list on ProBikeGarage Your bike detail on ProBikeGarage

Finally, select the installation date (you can use the “Since beginning” option for components that originally came with the bike) and press the save (“✓”) button at the top of the screen.

Your bikes list on ProBikeGarage Your bikes list on ProBikeGarage

That’s it! You have defined your first component. Now you can move around the component’s screen to add more details: custom notes, performed services, bike swaps, more service intervals (alerts), etc. And of course, add more parts to your bike.


If you add a component to your bike and the distance and moving hours remain zero, try the following suggestions:

  • First check that your bike distance and hours are updated. If they are zero, you probably should configure the Strava integration first.

  • If your bike usage is correctly updated, then check the installation info. Installation and removal dates are key here, check that dates are correct and there was activity between them.

  • You can also try to remove any "ride tag" from your installation, and check whether the component usage is updated.

If after trying this you are still struggling with setting up your components, you can contact our support team.