Group components with ProBikeGarage

A lot of you were asking for the ability to group your components with ProBikeGarage. Now you can install your components into other components, allowing you to combine different parts and define your custom setups.

You can take a look at our help guide to learn more about how this works. Here is also an example of how to group components, and how to migrate parts previously installed on bikes to a parent component.

(Watch the iOS app preview instead)

As you can see, this new feature provides a lot of flexibility. You can even move your existing components quickly and without losing any data. That’s why we encourage you to give it a try and re-organize your bike components to suit your own needs. And don’t hesitate to share your questions, suggestions, and findings with the ProBikeGarage community.

Next steps

There are a few details that we want to improve in the next weeks to polish the grouping feature. As you might have already noticed, there is not any “group” thing at all. It’s just plain components installed into other components, so we want to support more part types to allow making smarter groups.

We’re also already working to improve the components catalog for 2020. We want to add more products and also allow filtering them by type, brand, etc.


And finally, we want to thank all the ProBikeGarage community for all their support and feedback during this year. It would have been impossible to build this tool and all these features without all your amazing comments and suggestions, so keep the feedback coming!

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