Introducing ProBikeGarage 2.0

At ProBikeGarage, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing how you care for and manage your beloved bicycles. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of ProBikeGarage 2.0, a complete revamp of the app that sets a new standard for bike monitoring and maintenance.

How ProBikeGarage helps cyclists take care of their bikes

Stay on top of your bike’s maintenance with prompt notifications

Get automatically notified when it’s time to service your bike and components. Whether it’s your suspension fork hitting 100 hours, your waxed chain clocking 400 km, or your tires hitting 5,000 km, stay on top of it all. Boost your performance and save on expenses.

Effortlessly manage your bike’s setups and keep track of all your components

Document the modifications and upgrades you make to your bikes to evaluate their durability and performance, keep records of all the completed services and your visits to your bike shop, and compare prices for spare parts in various online stores. Take charge of your bike and enhance your cycling experience to the fullest.

Sync your bikes and activities from Strava and receive live updates after each ride, ensuring your bike is always ready for the next ride.

ProBikeGarage key features screenshots

Why all cyclists will love ProBikeGarage 2.0

ProBikeGarage’s latest update aligns with our commitment to giving cyclists the most comprehensive tool for the maintenance and care of their bikes. Featuring a completely refreshed user interface and experience, with translations into multiple languages, cyclists worldwide can now maximize the exclusive features of ProBikeGarage to enrich their cycling experience.

What are other cyclists saying about ProBikeGarage

“Easy to keep track of everything. On trainer or outside, it keeps track automatically of everything” – user on the App Store.

“Can save you lots of money and unnecessarily worn drivetrain parts. I cut my chain wear in half since I started using it.” – user on Google Play.

“Love the upgrade, brilliantly done!” – user on Google Play.

“It works really well for keeping track of chains and wax intervals. Does well with tracking wheels, tires, cassettes, and other items that move between bikes or change on the same bike.” – user on the App Store.

“Makes cycling life so much easier.” – user on Google Play.

Download ProBikeGarage

ProBikeGarage 2.0 is already available for download for iOS devices on the App Store and Android devices on Google Play.

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Learn how to sync your Strava bikes and rides and receive maintenance alerts.

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And finally, we want to thank all the ProBikeGarage community for all their support and feedback during all these years. Keep the feedback coming and happy riding!